Look out New England... Be prepared to be induced with spicy New York City flavor!

We create productions and themes by using only the most fierce choreography and sexy performers with exponentially exceeding talents! 

Our intricate and designer costumes dress only the most widely eclectic and professionally trained performers, that embodies the timeless art of classic burlesque mixed with todays hottest video dance styles, theatrical/comedic concepts and elaborate aerial/circustry skills.  

Our company services entertainment for all elite and informal events.

-Art Openings                             -Fashion shows
-Award Ceremonies                  -Fundraisers
-Bars                                           -Industrials
-Car shows                                 -Music/Videos
-Clubs                                         -Private gatherings
-Commericals                            -Product Launches
-Company Launches                 -Sport Events
-Concerts                                    -Trade Shows
-Corporate Events                     -Etc.

They will not only thrill you and your guests, but they will leave you at the edge of your seats while wanting more…